Little by little, the Hotel La Résidence is changing…

Nestled in a 19th century private mansion that combines charm and authenticity, we wanted to bring to our various spaces (reception, hall, breakfast room, lounge and bar) a new, modern and elegant decoration in accordance with our new logo and the spirit of our Hotel Boutique.

Well aware that the design of a door handle or the colour of a tapestry can change the customer experience and that it is difficult to choose the right style for a trendy atmosphere without making mistakes… we called on Yann COSNEFROY (Ycônes company) interior designer and decor designer in Narbonne.

After several rich exchanges of teaching and a high quality listening, Yann has defined 3D graphics and plans for a realistic vision of our future atmosphere.

Seduced by his proposals, the work was able to start… and a few weeks later a new style was introduced in our Boutique Hotel.

Thank you Yann for your valuable advice in the development and follow-up of the implementation of this new decoration, of great elegance, marking the first glance the people who cross the threshold of our Boutique Hotel.

Without a doubt, we look forward to seeing you soon for new stylistic projects in our Hotel Boutique.